; A to Z on the table

October 30 to November 30, 2014
Joeunamu & co.
247-7, Nonhyeon-dong, Gannam-gu


A TO Z 4th

Project Group A to Z, launched in an attempt to showcase unique exhibits that break away from the mold, presented its first exhibit <A to Z; Furniture Design Exhibition> in 2010. This was followed by its second exhibit in 2011 titled <A to Z; in the House> and third in 2013, <A to Z; the Joint Performance>. These exhibits have been contributing to an exhibition culture where art is not something that needs to be admired from afar but something that can be enjoyable, too.

Our fourth exhibit, taking place this year in 2014 is focused on ‘items made of various materials’ under the title <A to Z; on the table>. This exhibit marks a step away from previous shows where furniture had been at the center and items that complement furniture are highlighted.

<A to Z; on the Table> has brought together 14 teams of artists and designers to create items that are familiar yet unique and made of wood, glass, rocks, metals, cement, ceramics, paper or threads. Each team was given a round tray to present another spectacle that showcase their uniqueness. This exhibit that completes a space through the harmony of furniture and surrounding items, hopes to offer an opportunity for the visitors to view the spaces that surround them in a new light.



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